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How can I contribute ?

Research and documentation

In case you have experience working with IoT at any scale and want to share experience, guides and scripts we would love to learn about it and host your documentation! please contact as at


Although this project is not mature enough to support a typical process, all the issues at our repositories are up for grubs. Our community is available at our slack channel. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly

UX / Designs

Non of our team members are expert at UX. We host our graphical work is hosted at the openscn/openscn-management repository. For any comments on user experience you can open an issue directly at the openscn/openscn-frontend repository


Until we create a solution for easy deployments, I will list the individual components that you will need in order to have a running instance


The openscn-web-api is a api that holds all of the project's functionality for now. That of course is supposed to change when the need for better resources management arrives.

Please follow the instructions at the openscn/openscn-web-api to get started

Web client

The openscn-frontend is the web client for the openscn project

Please follow the instructions at the openscn/openscn-frontend to get started


Please check out the openscn/openscn-web-api and openscn/openscn-frontend for more information